Hello there! I’m Magdalena Olechny, an illustrator working for the publishing industry. I love illustrating books!

I’m open to freelance work, personal commissions, as well as full-time jobs. You can contact me at: contact@magdalenaolechny.com

A digital illustration depicting a young, black girl swimming on a fantasy creature – a water horse or a hippocampus. They are swimming in shallow, blue-green waters and are surrounded by fish. The background is painterly and the characters are in the style of lineart and cell-shading.
A digital illustration inspired by "The Hobbit, or There and Back Again" by J. R. R. Tolkien. It depicts a red dragon (Smaug) sleeping on a pile of gold and jewels. A hobbit (Bilbo Baggins) is carefully sneaking up on him. They are both deep down in the dungeons, the only light emanating from the dragon.
A digital illustration depicting an elf standing with his back to the viewer, staring at the ocean. The shore is grassy, and in the foreground there are a backpack and an ocarina. The time of day is sunset, and there are large clouds in the sky. The background is painterly and the characters are in the style of lineart and cell-shading.
A digital illustration depicting a young girl in a violet coat standing in front of a Catholic, wooden chapel. She is holding a lighted candle. A clearing where the scene takes place is surrounded by forest. In the foreground, there are violet flowers and the grass is gently stroked by the wind. The weather is cloudy.
A digital illustration depicting Joseph and Mary traveling to Bethlehem at night. Mary, Our Lady, is sitting on a donkey and looking with love at Joseph. She is pregnant and holding her hand on her belly. St Joseph is leading the donkey by the halter, he is also holding a traveling stick in his other hand. He is looking at the starry sky above them.
A summer digital painting depicting a family around their camper van. A woman stands next to the van while her husband and two children, a boy and a girl, are on top of it. In the background, there are palms and a clear blue sky with clouds. The VW camper van is parked in an empty parking lot.
A digital illustration depicting an East Asian man sitting on a bridge over a stream. He is in the park, with lush greenery surrounding the scene.
A digital illustration depicting Harry du Bois and Kim Kitsuragi, characters from the game Disco Elysium. They are high up in a Ferris wheel gondola. The sky is filled with stormy clouds.
A digital illustration depicting a cemetery Patria in Staszkówka, Poland. The evening sky is the brightest part of the image. In the foreground, there is an open gate and a path leading to two stone towers with swords on their tops. Between the gate and the towers, there are headstones with small lights. The graves are surrounded by trees.
A digital illustration depicting the XIX-century pharmacy. Wooden cabinets are full of ceramic jars and glass bottles. On the side of one of the racks, there are some dried herbs hung upside down. There is a small ceramic mortar and pestle with some herbs on one counter, as well as a phone on another. On a wooden desk, there are marble-topped scales, some coins, and papers. In the background, a window is letting in morning sunlight.
A digital painting of four children picking mushroom, accompanied by a large dog. The painting combines painterly background and lineart and cell-shaded characters.
A digital illustration of a young man who is leaning on a wooden column on some kind of a balcony. He is lighting up a pipe. The evening is foggy and moody. In the background, there is a forest.
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