Fantasy refuge for those tired of the mundane

Original paintings available

A digital illustration depicting an elf standing with his back to the viewer, staring at the ocean. The shore is grassy, and in the foreground there are a backpack and an ocarina. The time of day is sunset, and there are large clouds in the sky. The background is painterly and the characters are in the style of lineart and cell-shading.


From mountain peaks to ocean coasts. Alone, with family or friends. To contemplate the beauty of nature, reach your destination, and enjoy the journey itself. Every road is different.

Go on an adventure and join the Wanderers!

Ladies of Arda

Wise and courageous. Beautiful and otherworldly. Fascinating and flawed.

Discover a collection of ink drawings dedicated to fantasy heroines!

An ink painting of a young, elf female huntress holding a bow.
A gouache painting of a stream surrounded by trees and bushes. The painting is based on a location in Castle Park in Żywiec, Poland.

A Place Called Home

Little pieces of art dedicated to the beauty of what is close and familiar. Gouaches and watercolors of my little homeland. 

May they help you to find a moment of peace in the chaotic world.

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