Landscape paintings

Little pieces of art dedicated to the beauty of nature. Gouaches and watercolors which help you to find a moment of peace in the chaotic world.

Let yourself relax, take a deep breath and enjoy!

Gouache painting of a gentle stream in Żywiec Park. There are trees and bushes by the water. Everything is bathed in golden light.
Gouache painting of a rapid stream surrounded by rocks, branches and greenery.
Gouache painting of a stream in the park. The stream is rather shallow and narrow, surrounded by trees and muddy banks covered by greenery. The weather is overcast.
Gouache painting of Biała Tarnowska River, with one bank covered by greenery and the other formed of large rocks. The weather is sunny.
Gouache painting of a blue, freight train in the evening light. There are trees not far from the tracks.
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